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Expand your Xing social network using QR codes

Xing is mobile friendly and QR codes are thus an ideal way to expose your Xing social media profile and gain more contacts and credibilty in your network circles. If you don't know what Xing is, check it out here...https//

All you need is to know your Xing profile information, enter this in our free online styled Xing generator, and you'll have the perfect tool to use in brochures and other printed matter to allow mobile devices and smartphones get connected to you.

Xing QR code generator

Another great free social media QR code support tool from QR4 to boost your social media presence.

Active on other social media platforms? Then our other services may also interest you!

Have we missed something? Need a QR code to get your social activitity more mobile? Let us know what you need and we'll make work of it.


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