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QR codes and how to use them

'You scan them with your mobile phone dude!'
'QR code' stands for 'Quick Response code' and is a two dimentional barcode. QR codes look like black and white squares as the example below shows. They can be used to put all sorts of digital information, like a web address, a digital business card, a telephone number and much more.


 The QR code above has (as indicated) a website address embedded in it and when scanned with a QR code reader will pass this address along to the reader application to work with, usually resulting in the opening of a web browser and navigation to the website.

How to use QR codes

Mobile phones with cameras can read these 2D barcodes by using a barcode scanner application on the phone. In some countries the mobile phones come with pre-installed QR code reader software, and if not there are many resources on Internet to download and install these 2D code readers.

Mobile phone QR code reader

Scanning the QR code triggers the mobile phone to go to a website location. In this case it is this blog. Interesting to note that the QR4 blog has a mobile version of the blog.

iPhone link to mobile website via QR code

QR Codes Connect

By placing QR codes anywhere in the real-world, like posters, business cards, packaging, stickers, you name it, it becomes possible to provide information on location. Whether it be a vCard, loading and playing a video or music, navigating to a mobile website or service or simply dialing a number, QR codes are very usefull little 2D barcodes.


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