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Dynamic QR Codes are the answer for professional business cards

Ultimate Persoanl QR Code

Imagine you could have business cards that adapt themselves when you change address or telephone number, link to you social media profiles and websites and even alert people when changes happen. Well today it is already a reality, the personal business card that is never out of date and it all starts with a very clever QR code.

How the dynamic QR code works

A QR code is encoded with a base URL and an encrypted key which is your personal private identifier and makes it impossible for anyone to guess or hack it. When someone scans the QR code it verifies the access and then goes you your personal profile on-line. Here you can put your phone numbers for direct call calling, address, website links and social media profile access. The person scanning your QR code can also subscribe to you. When they subscribe they receive an email every time you make a change to information in your profile. It also supplies complete and comprehensive vCard files for instant downloading that can also include your profile picture. The system supports mobile phones, smart-phones, iPhone/iPad and standard computers. The owner of this QR code has access to a control panel on-line where all the information can be managed. The system also has statistics and reporting on the frequency of scans, device types used, time of day and more.

QR Code Control Panel

The control panel gives an overview of all the QR codes that you can manage.

QR Code Control Panel


By clicking on the 'Stats' bar the statistics window pops up for the selected QR code and here all the data is displayed.

QR Code Statistics


Dynamic QR Code Editor

This is used to manage the two types of dynamic QR codes. It is either a URL redirector where you can determine when it should redirect to what URL or it is a dynamic personal profile. Let's edit my personal QR code and see how the editor looks.

I am able to fill in my name, address, email, phone number and upload a profile image. What is very interesting is the fact that I can download the QR code in bitmap and vector format, where vector QR codes are right choice when using QR codes on printed matter. Once I have filled in all the information I want, I am ready to use the QR code as my new business card that is never outdated.

Mutation email notifications

QR code update email notification

Email is sent to subscribers notifying them of changes and attached to the email is a new vCard .vcf file to update or insert the contact into the address list.

The result in a browser

Dynamic QR result in a browser

At the bottom you can see the subscription option where if I enter my email address it will send me an email every time something on their personal profile is changed.

Ultimate QR code result on mobiles


Ultimate QR code on iPhone


Ultimate QR Code on N95

 Result of the QR code on an iPhone  Result of the QR code on a N95

With this QR technology any business card equipped with such a QR code will never be out of date even if the information on the printed card is.

Value Added QR code service

For more information about this ultimate QR code service please contact:

Jeroen Steeman Technologies or 0D0A


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