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URL link shortener with tiny QR codes

Are the URL links to your product or service web pages long, difficult to remember and hell to key on a mobile device. Then the 'URL link shortner' is the tool for you. It takes long URL's and converts them to short easy to remember and key URL's, in addition you also get a QR code and Datamatix barcode that mobile devices can scan, saving them typing in the URL. It is totally free and if you leave your email address, the system will send you a URL with your personal and private access to your QR code and give you the ability to change the target landing page at any time you please.

Tiny QR Code Creator 

Tiny QR Code Creator

Shrinking QR codes 

Tiny QR Code Maker

The Benefits of using a URL shortener in combination with a QR code generator.

  • Generates short URL's, ideal for keying on mobile devices.
  • Generates tiny QR codes, easier to scan.

  • Dynamic QR codes, change the landing page at will keeping the same QR code. 


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