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QR4 joins the Publimation Consortium

Publimation Consortium

Stronger as a team

Publimation is a growing group of small to mid size companies working together to provide more effective and efficient systems and solutions for their clients.

The members of the group have overlapping expertise yet have unique key competencies providing competent sparing partners in a friendly environment, more effective and efficient ICT engineering and continuity for the customer base.

QR4 joined the consortuim to provide Internet services, reactive web development technology and frameworks as well as interactive mobile information systems.

Publimation offers a variety of services and solutions ranging from traditional POD, DM and Web-to-print solutions to responsive interactive e-learning solutions. Another speciality of the team is optimising exisiting graphics and print production workflows.

Publimation operates in an European environment and any small development and communications companies interested in developing and delivering international applicable services and solutions are welcome to contact them about European development opportunities.

More information about Publimation is available here.


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