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Scan Alert is a service

And not a statement. You brochure and folder stands all over the place, in hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, attraction parks and more. These are often serviced by companies specialized in distributing and keeping these stands well stocked, or are initiatives of companies themselves.

One of the main concernes is making sure the folders are always in stock. This can be done by asking the patron of the hotel or restaurant to inform you when the brochures are finished, or regulary visiting the establishments to check on and stock up on the folders and brochures. The second option is the most trust worthy but demands resources and time.

Immagine if a folder could inform you it needs to be restocked. Along comes the QR code Scan Alert.

By placing a QR code on the container area where the brochures or folders are placed in, whne the last folder is taken, it will expose the QR code with a request to scan it to obtain more information about the folder that is now out of stock.

QR Code Scan Alert Scan Alert QR Code
Folder stand stocked with brochures Folder stand with brochure out of stock

 The QR Code Scan Alert

Has a dual function. It provides the person scanning it with information about the brochure or folder that is not available and also informs the brochure owner that his/her brochures need to be restocked at a particular location. This is another smart way QR codes can be used to provide a service that saves time and money.


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