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Tips for using QR codes in real estate

In the Netherlands I often see QR codes used on folder material displayed through the window of the estate agents offices and wondered why they do this, but not use it on their 'for sale' signs. Putting it in a window on a flyer does not have that much added value. Because if I see the picture and the price is right, I simply walk into the estate agents office and ask for more information about the property. The only time it may be usefull is is the office is closed and the QR provides more information than alleady stated on the flyer.

 Using QR Codes on real estate signs

There are two ways to do it. One is to use weather resistant stickers and the other is to integrate the QR code into the sign.

 Sign using QR Code stickers  Sign with integrated QR code

Using QR codes on real estate signs at the property itself has it's advantages. Generally these signs clearly indicate the property is for sale with a contact telephone number for those who are interested, but little more useful information. This is where the QR code can play an important role by supplying pricing information, showing what the backyard and the interior layout looks like via images and giving information about the size and the asking price for the property. Additional benifits could be a direct call to the agent, ability to store this information on the phone and even suggesting other properties for sale in the near vicinity.

The dissadvantage of using stickers is they have to be weather proof which generally means easy to apply but difficult to remove, everytime the sign is reused a new QR code will need to be made and the old one removed or 'pasted over'. The advantage of a dynamic QR code is that it can be integrated into the sign using company colours and even styled with a logo. When the sign is used at a new property location, the same QR code is given the new instructions for the new property via a management console, it's as simple as that.

Estate agent 2.0

Ready to use free real estate solutions in the Netherlands

'FUNDA' is one of the few Dutch real estate databases that is open to the public via Internet. What is really cool is that their site is also mobile friendly. This means estate agents linked to funda can simply select the property url in the public on-line web site, then paste it into a web site QR code generator and have a ready to use mobile friendly real estate QR code for that property. It really is as simple as that.

By using QR codes on real estate signs and using it with online mobile friendly property databases it is possible to provide cost effective detailed property information on location and on demand. Either by using stickers or dynamic QR codes it become possible to have a unique for sale sign providing detailed information for a specific property.


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