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How to loose clients and alienate prospects using QR codes

A real world example. In this example the company 'Bord Bia' thought it a good idea to use QR codes to help promote the Irish Food Board in the form of a competition to win a Weber gourmet barbecue and make use of QR codes.

Bord Bia Competition QR Code

Looks promising, so what is wrong here! It starts when you take the trouble to take out your mobile phone and scan the QR code. The first problem is it breaks the first commandment for QR code use: Though shalt not send a mobile phone to a regular web page that is not mobile phone friendly. But wait, it get worse.... Is it the mad cow disease, or QR code frenzy?

Bord Bia Mobile As can be seen, the site is not mobile friendly and the menu on the top left is not usable by a touch screen mobile device.

The call to action link is placed well away from other content making it simple to click on with a mobile device, however there is a cruel twist in the tail. The hyperlink to a form that needs to be filled in to be able to participate in the competition does not work on an iPhone at all! You can of course type in the URL as mentioned above the QR code on a desktop computer, and here it does work.

Seems such a shame to go all this trouble and create something that has no benefit to anyone, exactly the opposite to what marketing department had in mind (or not).

This is an excellent example of how to use QR codes to show the world your marketing department is running after the facts and is helping to destroy your reputation and goals at your expense.
This unfortunate situation is all too often still implemented by 'marketing professional' and is easily avoidable at minimal expense and with a measurable ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment).

Our advice is to seek assistance from QR code and other new media professionals with tangible proven solutions, before embarking on an ad-hoc QR code  journey where you may end up funding your own demise.

Should you have questions or doubts about using QR codes, need a second opinion, or want a thorough 'once over' before going public with a QR code driven campaign, please contact us. We have a pan European team of creative independent new media professionals who can help create, consult and assist you in getting the results you want with transparent, measurable and affordable solutions that meet your needs. 


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