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QR codes on clothing a marketing goldmine.

A colleague company, 0D0A not only provides QR code clothing for social media at a very social price, it goes a whole lot further and could fill the gap for marketers and promotional companies for short term and immediate high speed variable promotional needs.

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Welcome to 'Managed and measurable' QR code clothing
Say what! 'Managed and managable clothing'? You have to be kidding!
Imagine you can use one QR code on many clothing items and be able to adapt what the QR code does to promote different products and services at different events. With managed QR codes this is easy to do and it comes with a statistics engine to show you how effective the QR code scan rates are.

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These types of QR codes on clothing can be used by companies, schools, sports clubs and more to promote products, events or services as and when needed. A dynamic information system on clothing that changes with you as and when you need it too.

0D0A also makes managed designer QR codes for companies that incorporate the house style colours, logos and graphics.


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