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If your business is not mobile yet, this is your wake up call!

Why mobile is important

The explosive growth of mobile devices used on a global scale is feuled by the need of people to get information when they want it. This is why mobile marketing is an important tool to engage your customers and thus important to integrate into your marketing strategy and programs.

Effective Mobile Marketing

At present from virtually (excuse the pun) anywhere anyone can get answers and information about anything they want really fast. More searches and queries are done via mobile devices than desktop computers. This means it is important that your mobile experience meets the basic requirements people have when gathering infomation 'on the move'.

Mobile friendly

Determine if your present website is mobile friendly, if not consider getting it mobile optimized or divert to a mobile app. Just because it looks good on your (or the saleman's) device does not mean it is the same for the rest of the world and the many other types of devices in use. Test it across various devices, platforms and carriers. The goal is to get an effective and efficient experience regardless of device, browser or carrier.

Global or Local

Most searches by mobile devices are for local services or products in the direct vicinity of the user. Make sure you can be found and that your address information, a 'store locator' or (interactive) map is available. The large majority indicate to prefer the option to have direct contact via a 'push to call' to initiate a voice connection.

Fat Finger Navigation

Clear, easy and quick navigation is important. And yes, the mobile world is rodent free, there are no mice pointing devices! Make links clear and leave enough room around them for those 'misguided taps'.

It's Alive

Mobile marketing, unlike many other forms of marketing is interactive (yes, just like your website, but different). Someone took the trouble to reach you on a mobile device while on the move. It is not like an add in the paper or a banner on a website (that does not connect back), it is very real-time and very interactive. An real opportunity to interact and get and supply more information with a mobile device interested in your product or service and get that sale, or the customer coming to your store.

Mobile Facts

  • 78% of mobile users will leave your website if it not mobile friendly.
  • more than 60% prefer a 'direct call' option.
  • 49% of successfull searches lead to a sale.
  • 41% of mobile searches are for local services, products or businesses.

It's your call to get engaged with mobile marketing, don't get left behind.


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