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The sixties meet modern times as a power company uses QR codes in search of new souls.

Flower Power QR code

 'Hallo Hippie' Flower Power QR Code poster in bus stops around Eindhoven.

The advert offers four months of free 'eco' or 'green' energy if you switch to this power vendor. The energy market is a flux in the Netherlands at present and all the energy providers are trying to win new souls they can sell their power too.  As everything CO2 friendly is in these days, this is a big push for power vendors. Whats new here is the use of QR codes. In this particular case a well done campaign.

Benefits for the vendor: A hot prospects contact information.
Benefits for scanning the QR code: Besides 4 months free power, you also receive a solar garden light.

All of this with one simple QR code and two mobile friendly easy to use web based mobile pages. Another good example of how to use QR codes for active marketing purposes.


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