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Eco-nomic QR Codes

Eco Friendly QR Code

Newspapers could save tons of paper, ink, energy and time as well as provide a more handy smaller format for reading on the bus or in the train by putting only the main items in print and linking to the full online publication via a QR code.

Just think of the benefits, less paper to make dirty equals faster production times (deadlines), equals more time for journalists to get their stories in before production starts. In short it conserves paper, ink, solvents, energy, time and produces more time and convenience and saves big money. Example: why have 6 pages full of sports information in a newspaper if you're a computer geek and not interested in sport, I really don't need or want it. Just pop the snazzy commentary and action shots behind a QR code I say!

An example of who is making work of using QR codes in a eco-nomic and eco friendly way is CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) more information on how this organization is saving tons of paper, energy and adding to less CO2 emisions can be found in their article: Smart Cards: put CEMR in your pocket!


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