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Creating custom QR codes in batches

Ever needed to create many branded QR codes at the same time and found it frustrating to do them one by one?

Well now there is a solution to brand and style a load of QR codes with different content at the same time. Using an Excel file as data source and a logo or image by uploading these to the generator, the custom QR codes are generated as you wait and returned to you in a zip file you can download and use.

Custom Branded QR Code Batch Generator

Ideal solution to generate branded QR codes for inventroy, name badges, contact lists etc.

This generator supports variable text captions above and below the 2D barcode, simply download the example data excel file, populate it with your information, then upload it along with your logo and let the generator take care of the rest. This online branded QR code batch generator supports the generation of 10 custom QR codes for free.


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