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Automating QR codes

Using data files to generate loads of QR codes, how to do it.

Online Batch QR Code Generator


Ever needed to create a load of QR codes and wished there was a way you could use a data file and get back a load of ready to use QR codes? Well now you can.

Online QR Code Batching

This online service accepts Excel spreadsheets in the right format, then creates the QR codes in the format you require (bitmap/vector or both) and returns these in a zipped folder which is ready for immediate downloading. To match the generated QR codes to your data file, the system uses the row number and the caption text (if any way provided). This way you can easily match which QR code belongs to which data record.

Online Batch QR Code Generator

Just download the ZIP file and extract the QR codes.

Batch QR code ZIP file

Next time you need QR codes fast and have not got the time to tpye it all in by hand and request then one by one, try the online batch QR code generator at QR4. We do with QR codes what others only talk about.


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