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What mobile marketers use to get their message to mobile markets.

A comparison between 2010 and 2011 deployed mobile marketing tactics. I'm sure that 2012 will again see an increase in the use of QR codes.

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Source: Chief Marketer Mobile Marketing Survey

   2011    2010

In 2010 no one bothered to check the use of augmented reality, so data is missing for this year.

Interesting to note is that barcode scanning is up 15% (this includes QR codes, MS tag and other proprietary barcoding technology) and outperforms any other technology used between 2010 and 2011 and I expect it to increase even more in 2012. Mobile apps are also still a popular instrument for branding and marketing.

SMS marketing that was always seen as an urgent and immediate communication channel has declined the most. Even though it is the fastest and simplest way to set up, use and to communicate to mobile devices, I can only imagine that the costs per message in combination with limited interaction and presentation options are the reason it is being abandoned by marketers.


Cross-media contact exchange for a new generation

Publimation, a French company specializing in data driven publishing and communications platforms has combined the old world of business cards with the new generation of digital contact information services in a service called Forever Card.


Best of both worlds

Combining traditional business cards with modern digital systems does have its advantages. The platform is called 'Forever Card' meaning that your contact information is always up-to-date and correct. The system uses the popular 'Flashcode' 2D datamatrix code as well as QR codes.

How does it work

Forever Card allows you to put a QR or Flashcode on your business card. Behind this code is a secure personal portal that provides two functions.

The first allows you to access your contact information and make changes as these happen, like a new social media link, a change of address or telephone number.

The second is a service built for mobile devices to display the contact information you have made available. But it also does a lot more.

  • Direct calling by simply clicking on the telephone number.
  • Direct profile linking to all your favorite social media services with a single click.
  • Get notification if any information is changed so people that scanned your code can update their contact lists.
  • Provide links to your web sites and web services

So even if the business card the QR code is printed on is not longer current, by scanning the QR code they are immediately informed of your current information and can instantly get in contact you.

This is another great example of how QR codes can be used to offer real value added services.

The company behind the Forever Card is Publimation and they can be contacted at:

Publimation France
20, Rue Michodière
75002 Paris
Tel. : +33 (0)1 56 56 76 50
Fax. : +33 (0)1 58 45 15 80


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URL link shortener with tiny QR codes

Are the URL links to your product or service web pages long, difficult to remember and hell to key on a mobile device. Then the 'URL link shortner' is the tool for you. It takes long URL's and converts them to short easy to remember and key URL's, in addition you also get a QR code and Datamatix barcode that mobile devices can scan, saving them typing in the URL. It is totally free and if you leave your email address, the system will send you a URL with your personal and private access to your QR code and give you the ability to change the target landing page at any time you please.

Tiny QR Code Creator 

Tiny QR Code Creator

Shrinking QR codes 

Tiny QR Code Maker

The Benefits of using a URL shortener in combination with a QR code generator.

  • Generates short URL's, ideal for keying on mobile devices.
  • Generates tiny QR codes, easier to scan.

  • Dynamic QR codes, change the landing page at will keeping the same QR code. 


Posted by: jeroen Steeman
Categories: Datamatrix 2D codes | QR Code Generator | QR Codes
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qr code generator software for websites qr code generator software for servers qr code generator software for desktops

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