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Excellent QR code use

Examples of using QR codes the correct way

The criteria we use to judge good QR code use is simple.

  • Does it enhance and add value to the product or service it applies too.
  • Are different mobile devices and their capabilites taken into account.

Falconcrest falconry and birds of prey park in Eindhoven.

Use a QR code that links to a mobile friendly web page. Here additional information like the opening times are provided, besides the option of direct calling this service also provides vCard facilities to store the information in your address list. All-in-all a usefull implemention of QR codes as a value added information service.

Falconcrest Falconry QR code

QR Code for falconry advertising


What's behind the code

Falconcrest QR code scan result

The Mobile Web Page

Besides the address of the falconry they also provide direct dialers for the land line and mobile numbers. A link to the main website and a direct email option. These features are activated by clicking on the links. A table of opening times is also provided. There is also an option to download the vCard file for direct inclution into the contact list (not on iPhone).
This is an excellent example of how QR codes can de used to supply useful information on demand and on location.

Advertisement QR Code

Another example of an advertisement using the same QR code.

QR code used for competion

A Swiss municipal competition to promote local tourismusing a QR code as a physical link to their website. The prise is a holiday in Switzerland. Good news is the competion lasts until December 2011, so still enough time for everyone to try and win it. This QR code competiotn was published in a special suplimental edition of the French TGV/SNCF magazine.

Swiss QR code competition

The landing page for this QR code has been engineered well. It is able to detect different types of mobile devices and is also used for mainstream Internet browser traffic. The web page for mobile devices is simple, easy to navigate and has a motivational entertaining video intro that can be played by choice. Overal a well thought out and implemented campaign using a QR code.

QR Code result
via mobile device

QR code result via
standard web browser

QR code result mobile device QR code result via computer browser

Sticky QR codes as service

Pattex Product QR Code

Additional Service and Information

Pattex in the Netherlands and France are using QR codes on some of their product packing. At least that is what I see from the image below. Being qurious I had a look at what is behind the code. Pattex deals with it by directly linking to a mobile friendly site (Plus 10 points). Although my mobile phone is setup for English, it correctly provided me information in Dutch (Netherlands is where I am at present). Esay to navigate on all the mobile devices I tested with, and enough choices regarding the application and use of the product with the specific task you may have at hand.

I did find that it could be more thorough in giving essential information on preperation of the workspace and the target object conditions (what to (not) have around and how to prepare the target for glueing). I do get the feeling it is a (low) budget test, however what I see is very promising. So scan the QR code and judge for yourself.


Pattex QR Code Connection
Pattex QR Code Information

A craftsman is as good as his(her) tools in combination with knowledge. An excellent implenmetation of how to provide information on demand to people who need it at the time when they request it.

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