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QR Codes playing with fire

It's actually a great compliment when competitors copy your designs, creative and content.

Bad business QR code company

Concepts and creative (literally) taken from, and

I see a lot of chatter on Internet from commercial QR Code operators about why you should not use free QR code services. Stating these are unreliable and untrustworthy. However it would seem that commercial companies will stoop to even lower levels, and I ask myself what is worse, dealing with a fundamental free service that only charges for value added services and work, or going to a commercial company that is literally a copy of it's competitor and charges for everything? What is it about free that makes it bad, and what makes it that copying your compeitor makes you better and more trustworthy? Because QR4, 0D0A and Publimation provide QR Code services without charge does not mean everything can be taken and used at will, anywhere, and by anyone. Maybe the 'terms and condition' are not clear, or it is felt that 'copyright' is only for the USA. What every happened to honesty and respect?

I'm flattered they see our concepts, creative, design and services as so good they had no choice but to copy them because they just could not improve on it. It would have been nice though if they had bothered to contact us and ask first. Now ithey come across as cheap and untrustworthy. I just have one message for these kinds of companies: Innovate, don't imitate and certainly don't copy other peoples work ;) Mind you: If you can't beat them, join them can also be a better tactic for greater success.


We have another winner

This time from the USA. Using other peoples creativity which is provided free of charge for non commercial use and trying to turn it into a buck for themselves. Is this the American dream? This one comes from ''.

Any image(s) look farmilliar? It's the 'Fixed Price Gigs' attempt at making a quick buck from you.

Fixed Price Gigs Ripoff Fixed Price Gigs Ripoff Fixed Price Gigs Ripoff
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