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Expand your Xing social network using QR codes

Xing is mobile friendly and QR codes are thus an ideal way to expose your Xing social media profile and gain more contacts and credibilty in your network circles. If you don't know what Xing is, check it out here...

All you need is to know your Xing profile information, enter this in our free online styled Xing generator, and you'll have the perfect tool to use in brochures and other printed matter to allow mobile devices and smartphones get connected to you.

Xing QR code generator

Another great free social media QR code support tool from QR4 to boost your social media presence.

Active on other social media platforms? Then our other services may also interest you!

Have we missed something? Need a QR code to get your social activitity more mobile? Let us know what you need and we'll make work of it.


QR codes in the catering industry are not new, however some still need attention.

It's not often that I have the opportunity to go and eat out in a restaurant and recently I was mildly surprised to find a coaster on the table with a QR code. Having to wait to be served it's always nice to have something to keep you busy in moments when conversation at the table is in a dull.

Coaster QR Code

Great a game! 'Who will be the sucker to get the next round of drinks!'


QR Code Scan Result

Hang on...what's wrong here? Tap...double tap (to try and scale the site into the view window), no response. Okay so no good view of what is going on and the loss of the WOW factor, which turns into confusion and dissapointment. Decided to rejoin the conversation at the table and left it at that. But did take the coaster along for some research.

The site looks great on my Windows computer at home:

Computer view

But it was not at the restaurant and it does not scan QR codes, nor can it run iPone or Android apps.

This was done by a well known international 'branding' consortuim and I cannot figure out how and why they missed the mark, unless they all use the latest iPhone and expect the rest of the world to be the same. Truth be told HTML5 is used and that is worth at least ten plus points, however using HTML5 settings to block user interaction with presentation beats me.

Why did this QR code promotion for a bar game not work (for me).

1. That code is small and little 'quite space' took a heafty 30 seconds of zooming and focusing before it kicked in,

2. What I got to see on the screen was not what I expected and not the complete picture,

3. could not remedy it by user action (zooming and scalling had been explicitly forbidden!).

4. mixture of languages on the site (I know my language skills suck but it should be only one).

5. Do I really need to download another app!? Why immediately start the game  (via HTML5, It got to your site = I have Internet) and offer to have it anywhere anytime via an app download.

As far as I am concerned this mobile marketing campaign is a step in the good direction to engage, entertain, bind and brand to and with customers. The actual experience on the client side (IMHO) still leaves a lot to be desired. There's a lot of 'Droid' out there and I'm sure the install base for this will not be optimal.

If there are other catering companies thinking about using QR codes on coaters in the Netherlands to entertain, bind to, or just for  branding or promotion, contact Frans Hendricx - Infovijltje of Omnisense. He can get you on the right track and keep you there.


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QR code generator software

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Scan Alert is a service

And not a statement. You brochure and folder stands all over the place, in hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, attraction parks and more. These are often serviced by companies specialized in distributing and keeping these stands well stocked, or are initiatives of companies themselves.

One of the main concernes is making sure the folders are always in stock. This can be done by asking the patron of the hotel or restaurant to inform you when the brochures are finished, or regulary visiting the establishments to check on and stock up on the folders and brochures. The second option is the most trust worthy but demands resources and time.

Immagine if a folder could inform you it needs to be restocked. Along comes the QR code Scan Alert.

By placing a QR code on the container area where the brochures or folders are placed in, whne the last folder is taken, it will expose the QR code with a request to scan it to obtain more information about the folder that is now out of stock.

QR Code Scan Alert Scan Alert QR Code
Folder stand stocked with brochures Folder stand with brochure out of stock

 The QR Code Scan Alert

Has a dual function. It provides the person scanning it with information about the brochure or folder that is not available and also informs the brochure owner that his/her brochures need to be restocked at a particular location. This is another smart way QR codes can be used to provide a service that saves time and money.


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QR code generator software

qr code generator software for websites qr code generator software for servers qr code generator software for desktops

Tips for using QR codes in real estate

In the Netherlands I often see QR codes used on folder material displayed through the window of the estate agents offices and wondered why they do this, but not use it on their 'for sale' signs. Putting it in a window on a flyer does not have that much added value. Because if I see the picture and the price is right, I simply walk into the estate agents office and ask for more information about the property. The only time it may be usefull is is the office is closed and the QR provides more information than alleady stated on the flyer.

 Using QR Codes on real estate signs

There are two ways to do it. One is to use weather resistant stickers and the other is to integrate the QR code into the sign.

 Sign using QR Code stickers  Sign with integrated QR code

Using QR codes on real estate signs at the property itself has it's advantages. Generally these signs clearly indicate the property is for sale with a contact telephone number for those who are interested, but little more useful information. This is where the QR code can play an important role by supplying pricing information, showing what the backyard and the interior layout looks like via images and giving information about the size and the asking price for the property. Additional benifits could be a direct call to the agent, ability to store this information on the phone and even suggesting other properties for sale in the near vicinity.

The dissadvantage of using stickers is they have to be weather proof which generally means easy to apply but difficult to remove, everytime the sign is reused a new QR code will need to be made and the old one removed or 'pasted over'. The advantage of a dynamic QR code is that it can be integrated into the sign using company colours and even styled with a logo. When the sign is used at a new property location, the same QR code is given the new instructions for the new property via a management console, it's as simple as that.

Estate agent 2.0

Ready to use free real estate solutions in the Netherlands

'FUNDA' is one of the few Dutch real estate databases that is open to the public via Internet. What is really cool is that their site is also mobile friendly. This means estate agents linked to funda can simply select the property url in the public on-line web site, then paste it into a web site QR code generator and have a ready to use mobile friendly real estate QR code for that property. It really is as simple as that.

By using QR codes on real estate signs and using it with online mobile friendly property databases it is possible to provide cost effective detailed property information on location and on demand. Either by using stickers or dynamic QR codes it become possible to have a unique for sale sign providing detailed information for a specific property.


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QR code generator software

qr code generator software for websites qr code generator software for servers qr code generator software for desktops

QR codes helping people stay connected.

Ever been to a symposium, workshop or other gathering where you meet intersting people but afterwards have trouble remembering who they were, nevermind how to contact them.

A method to help people get and stay connected is by using QR codes to exchange contact information. At meetings, symposiums or shows where people with common interests gather, QR codes can be integrated into the name badges to facitiltate digital information exchange betweeen participants that can be used later to contact each other.


Sarasota Bay Watershed Symposium 

Sarasota Bay Watershed symposium QR Codes

The Sarasota Watershed Symposium is an example of a local area gathering of interested parties for a specific topic or objective. In this case the preservation and protection of natural resources.

GODAE COSS-TT workshop 

GODEA COSS-TT workshop

GODAE (Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment) is a global organization providing global and regional ocean analysis and forecasting systems. For an International workshop GODAE used QR codes to make it easy to exchange contact information between the International participants of the workshop.

In both examples above the QR codes can be scanned by a mobile phone and the contact information saved for future reference and use.

How it is made

Once a design for the name badge has been made, provision is made for the placement of a QR code. The list of participants is then read and using graphics automation in combination with a QR code generator the name badges with QR code are generated at the same time. This method ensures there is never a mismatch between QR code content and the information on the badge.

The examples above were made using graphics automation systems from ODOA in combination with QR code technology from QR4

If you have any questions about QR code name tags or how best to implement QR codes on name badges, please contact us.


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QR code generator software

qr code generator software for websites qr code generator software for servers qr code generator software for desktops

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