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Real Estate QR Code Service

Real Estate QR Code Service

QR codes are able to provide real-time information on location and on demand.

An excellent place to implement QR codes are on the good old 'FOR SALE' signs. To provide people with additional information about the property that is for sale.

Using dynamic QR codes for this purpose has many additional benifits for real estate agencies.

The QR4 Real Estate Dynamic QR Code Service

Before we dive into the service, what it is and how it works, let's first look at what people are doing with QR codes in the realty market today.

A common practise is to use stickers and put these on the sign boards. These are generally 'all weather' stickers, easy to apply but a difficult job to remove.

Everytime a sign board is placed at a new location, a new QR code sticker needs to made and the format and size is often determined by the manufacturer, limiting the options to keep the cost as low a possible.

Real Estate Service Proposal

Each real estate sign board gets one unique re-usable QR code. It can be part of the sign board design when printed or a one time sticker or decal. These QR codes can have the size and format that suits your needs best as well as include your logo and company colours.

Each real estate sign board gets one unique number. This should be part of the QR code image. This number is then used to match the sign with the location of the property with the digital information system.

Dynamic realty QR code benefits - Realtor

  • Only one QR code per sign board (ever).
  • QR Code design to suit your company colours and style and blend in with you signs.
  • Link the QR code to any online property information system at anytime from anywhere.
  • Online tools to manage sign boards are simple and effective, saving you time and money.
  • Track and monitor how often and when each sign is scanned.

Dynamic realty QR code benefits - Prospects

  • Provide information about the property without intrusion to the inhabitants.
  • Provide information about the property when no one is avaiable.
  • See the interior of the property without actually entering it.
  • Save contact information on the phone for later use (who remembers the web site or telelphone number?).
One question that normally pops up is: 'What if the property does not have any digital information online, then the QR code is useless'. This is not true. Because the QR code is dynamic, the sign can be pointed to your mobile friendly landing page where you provide easy access to contact information and possibly other services like similar properties in the area. The options are endless. So even if there is no data for a property, your QR codes can still serve an important purpose for your company.

Dynamic Realty QR Code Example

House For Sale

House for sale, but no one is home!

  • What does it cost?
  • What does the backyard look like?
  • What does it look like inside?
  • I also want my husband/wife to see this before I do anything

Scan the QR code

Pricing Property view Information
Realty QR Code Scan Result: Pricing Realty QR Code Scan Result: Images Realty QR Code Scan Result: Information

Now we do know not only the price but also other important information about size and age, we have also seen what the property looks like from the inside and seen the backyard.

The dynamic QR code is a perfect enhancement for estate agents as it provides information to many questions people have when coming across a property that is for sale where no one is home or they choose not to immediately interact. This information can be stored on the phone and shown to others at a later stage as well as being used to contact the estate agent directly.

Dynamic Realty QR Code Pricing

Using public real estate data services for your QR codes, the costs are as little as 1 euro per QR code per month. Our systems are also suitable for linking to third-party XML data feeds or to your own organizations real estate CMS systems.

Need more information about using dynamic QR codes in the real estate market? Please contact us.

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