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QR4 Services - QR Code Video Presentations

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QR Code Video Presentations

Bringing paper to life

One thing paper or any printed matter cannot do is animate, show a video or play music. A QR code is an ideal mechnism to link printed matter to active and interactive services on-line.

An ideal tool to link company presentation video's to brochures or leaflets. Show product instruction video's from user manuals, or promote products and services from advertisements or catalogs.

Video QR Code with landing page

The QR Code video presentation service

This QR code service is provided via a dynamic QR code, meaning statistics are available 24/7 for your insight. The QR code video presentation is also dynamic and configurable allowing you to change the video on demand, with an option to send the user to a 'call to action' landing page after the video has ended.

How does it work

A simple to use management console allows you to link any YouTube video to your QR code. The beauty is that the user never sees the Youtube interface. Once the QR code is scanned, the video immediately starts playing.

Printed QR Code Video Presentation Landing Page
QR Code Video Presentation Printed Matter Mobile Video Presentation Mobile Video Presentation

QR4 QR Code video presentation compatibility

OS Models Comments
iOS All models iPhone
All models iPad
All current versions of the Apple mobile and iPad operating systems are fully supported.
Android All Acer models
All Dell models
All HTC models
All Hauwei models
All LG models
All Motorola models
All Nexus models
All Samsun models
All Sony Ericsson models
All T-Mobile models
All OS's starting from release 2.0 (Eclair) are fully supported. Tablet systems are being redearched at present.
RIM Not directly supported* With each new model behaving in it's own mysterious OS cohesionless way, NO support for any video access via HTTP or Flash appears an reliable fact for all RIM devices. QR4 can and does support RIM devices by utilizing RSTP video streaming services which most RIM devices support. Additional service costs per video apply.
Symbian Reverse support** Nokia devices (yes all of them) do not interpret jscript properly, choosing to ignore what they want when they want too when it comes to connecting with 'events'. This makes the service unstable and we recommend using 'reverse psychology' with Symbian systems. This means first the 'call to action' page, followed by the video.
Windows Mobile No idea! We have not seen one on our radar anywhere, ever. We have no access to one to test with. Please send feedback if you have one and have tried it ;)

* QR4 has the ability to stream audio and video using RTSP protocol, accepted by all RIM devices as approved video and audio source. This means that your audio and video files need to be made available and configured for streaming to RIM devices directly via the QR4 infrastructure. Additional fees apply for each video or audio track you want streamable for RIM devices as well as for the frequency of use of each transmission. For more information, please contact us, as streaming media offers many advantages above what the QR code video presentation service can provide.

** The fact that no Nokia device running Symbian is able to work with 'events' (video/audio start and stop events) prevents these devices from any intelligent actions via modern scripting standards. Howwver using the QR4 process in reverse does. First gather information then show the video. Additional costs may apply if you require a landing page for your video presentation targeted at Nokia devices.

Example QR Code Example Video
QR Code Video Presentation Example

Advantages of interactive presentation systems

  • Link: any YouTube video to your QR code at any time and change it as required.
  • Reinforce: products or services via video and audio launched directly from promotional, advertorial or informational printed material.
  • Measure: Gather real-time statstics on who is viewing and interacting, and when.
  • Interact: with customers and prospects via interactive landing pages.

QR Code Video Presentation Pricing

Period Price
One active code for one month € 59,00 pm
Three or more codes per month € 49,00 pc/pm
One active code for one year € 45,00 pm
Three or more codes per month € 40,00 pc/pm

Pricing above excludes real-time video streaming services for RIM devices. This and other features like creating interactive multilingual landing pages and providing mobile optimized videos services are available on request.

For more information about QR code video presentations can do for you and your products, please contact us.

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