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URL QR Code Link Shortener

Create effective and efficient (dynamic) QR codes

Are the QR codes for your product or service too big and problematic to scan from a distance, or is the QR code image too big for the area it needs to be printed on. Are the URL's cumbersome to key on a mobile phone. Well then take control and determine for yourself how big you want the qr code to be and make it easy for mobile users to key your web reference. QR4 offers a QR code URL shortening service to allow you to compress your mobile URL references into compact, tight and easy to scan QR codes and easy to key URL's. As value added: If you leave your email address we will make your QR code manageble for you. Meaning you can change the target URL reference at any time making your QR code dynamic.

Small Footprint QR code Small Footprint Datamatrix

Long URL:
Short URL:
Titel or Name:
Email: (not compulsory)

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Note: QR codes are scanned by mobile devices, please try to ensure your URL references are mobile friendly. Always test your QR codes thoroughly before putting them to public use.

Manage your QR code

If you want have the ability to change the long URL reference, but keep the same QR code, or want to download the QR code image again, then please leave your email address. We will email a reference number to you to manage your QR code properties. This is not compulsory.

QR code generators from QR4

WiFi QR Code Connection
A QR code generator to encode URL or Internet web page addresses in a QR code. Please try to ensure the web site and web page you refer to is mobile friendly.

SMS QR Code Connection
Send a SMS QR code generator to encode SMS messages in a QR code and send them to a telephone number.

Direct Call QR Code Dialer
Direct call QR code generator to encode a telephone number into a QR code for one click dialing.

Send Email QR Code Dispatch
Send an email QR code generator to encode an email address into the qr code. It will start up the email application on the scanners device and populate the 'To:' address.

Send Email QR Code Dispatch
Create a MeCard QR code generator to encode your contact information into a qr code. It will ask the scanner device to add your contact info directly to the contact list on the device.

Put a text message in a QR code
A text message into a QR code. It will show up as a text message on the scanner device. Use this to make encoded messages that are not directly readable.

Direct WiFi access via a QR code
Direct WiFi access via a QR code. At present for Android devices only. The scanning device will be offered all the details needed to connect to a WiFi point.

Branding or personalization via a QR code
Create a branded, personalized or designer QR Code. Make your QR code stand out by placing a logo, image or graphic in it.

Twitter profile page via a QR code
Create a QR code for your Twitter profile. Automatically add your Twitter profile image, resize it to suit and embed it in the QR code.

Facebook profile page via a QR code
Facebook profile page QR code personalized just for you. Let more people find you on Facebook using QR codes in the real world.

YouTube Video via a QR code
Direct access to YouTube video's via a QR code. Link people directly to your video content using QR codes in the real world.

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