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QR Code Automation

QR code badge generation demo for commercial applications

Example of QR code badge automation. In this case it will generate 10 90x55mm name tags with vCard QR codes from an excel file and provide you with a printable ready to scan A4 PDF file to download, print and use.

QR Code Automation

Step1: Download the sample excel template file and fill it with data according to the column names. Then upload it for the QR code automation processor. Note: only the first ten records will be used to generate QR code name tags.

Step2: Check that the data displayed meets your requirements. Click the 'Generate QR Code Name Tags' button and the first ten records will be processed and the QR code name tags generated. The PDF of the completed name tags will be provided for download.

Badge Title:

Sample QR Code Badge

This online name tag demonstration is to show how QR codes can be put to some simple practicle use. In this demo the maximum name tags are limited to ten and the content and presentation is fixed.


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Sharing the QR code generator with others

Copy the code below and paste it in your web site or blog so your visitors know where to go to generate QR codes.

QR code services

For dynamic and styled professional name tags and badges using house style, corporate colours and logo's with your own design, please contact QR4 to find out what we could do for you.

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