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Managed Mobile Marketing

Interactive Dynamic Mobile Marketing

Dynamic Mobile Marketing

Saving you time, saving you money and putting you first!
Teamwork between two companies has led to the creation of a simple yet very powerful mobile marketing tool for any size company. Using the three primary marketing components; identity, styling and branding; presentation and animation as well as interaction and call to action all on a single interactive smartphone mobile page. All these elements are dynamic and changable as and when needed.
An affordable power packed mobile marketing service from ODOA and Message Master.


All Aspects of the three zones (branding/presentation/interaction) are configurable to meet the needs of any company. The use of WYSIWYG editors makes it easy to create and manage contents. This system also has a 'mobile button builder' that creates styled action buttons on demand. The presentation area (in the center) supports HTML markup of content, a promotional image (poster), a slide show with as many slides as you like and the ability to re-arrange them as needed. There is also an option to link it to online video.

A section of the mobile marketing console.
Mobile Marketing Console

Included with this service is scan tracking and tracing with the added advantage of using GPS latitude and longitude data when available. This can be extremely usefull for small companies and franchise organizations. This information can be used in real-time to undertake clever actions, like providing extra incentive for the person to come to the store if they are in close proximity, or present the special offer of the store closest to the mobile phone. It also allows an interactive 'find the closest store' with the ability to activate the smartphone navigation system.

Abilities in a nutshell Mobile Marketing Abilities

Service Pricing

This mobile marketing service is offered by ODOA, Message Master and QR4. The costs for a dynamic mobile marketing environment is 480 euros per annum (excl. taxes). For more information about managed mobile marketing services, or to start your own dynamic mobile marketing environment, please contact us.

Branding and Identity
Logo Yes, upload your company logo in png or jpg format.
Background Colour Yes, Change the background colour of the screen to match your house style.
Text Colour Yes, Button and control text colours can be changed as needed. All WYSIWYG text can be styled with any colour as needed.
Text Yes, WYSIWYG editors allow text of different font face, size and colour.
Image Yes, Create special offers, coupons for your products or services and upload them. There are no restrictions on the amount of images used.
Slideshow Yes, Create interactive slideshows to showcase and highlight your products or services. No restrictions on the amount of slides and these can be selectively deleted and re-arranged as needed.
Video Yes, Connect to any YouTube video and change it as needed. There is also an option to use direct RSTP streaming but this is beyond the standard price.
Button Colours Yes: Each buttons colour can be seperately chosen from:
Blue button thumb  Green button thumb  Orange button thumb  Red button thumb  Black button thumb
Direct Actions Yes, Direct action buttons are: direct call Direct call, Direct email Direct email, Direct SMS Direct SMS
Social Media Yes, Support for: LinkedIn LinkedIn, Facebook Facebook, Twitter Twitter
Extra Features  URL Off site web links, Navigation Maps Navigation, Company Information Extra Company Info
Track and trace
Statistics Yes, For each scan the time, device type, provider and global location is stored and reported.
Localization Yes, For devices with GPS, the latitude and longitude are captured real-time and registered. This makes local marketing possible.
Cost and pricing
Subscription Service Now for only 1.32 € per day!, excl.

Or contact us so we can show you what mobile marketing can mean for you and your business.

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