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Mobile Websites

Mobile Website Development

How does your website look on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices?

If you don't know, I strongly suggest you find out, because more and more mobile and portable devices are connecting to and using the Internet.

If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out on additional exposure, sales, in fact you may even frustrate your current customers.

Why is mobile important

Most websites are designed to be used and viewed by desktop browsers with large screen formats. Portable and mobile devices have much smaller screens, making it difficult to read the texts designed for normal computer screens.
Desktop computers generally use a mouse to click on elements and for navigation. Besides tablets that may use a scribe, the touch screens of mobile devices only have the 'fat finger' as a point and click method. This can make list of hyperlinks for navigation impossible to use.

NON Mobile Friendly Webview

Mobile Friendly Webview

Non Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly

You can see the problem immediately.

  • Unreable
  • unnavigable

User must (if possible) zoom and scroll to read and navigate, loosing oversight of the website and causing frustration for most.

Clear screen and presentation

  • Legable
  • Scrollable
  • Navigatable

Vertical scrolling with the same web contents as for a large screen means easy reading and easy navigation on small screen devices.

Do I need seperate websites for computers and mobile devices

No, not if you use QR4 adaptive and reactive web technology. One website is suitable for all current and future devices.

My website is mobile unfreindly, can this be fixed?

Yes. In most cases QR4 can use your exisiting website and all the content and adapt it to become responsive and reactive.

What can I do to get my website mobile friendly?

Contact us and let us know which website needs attention. We will get back to you with a complete overview and potential cost indication.

Can I have seperate mobile services?

Yes. Have a look at MKB PRO, this is a full or self-service mobile platform desiged specially for your interactive mobile marketing needs.

Mobile facts

  • 78% of mobile users will leave your website if this is not mobile friendly!
  • 62% of mobile visitors want direct contact abilities.
  • 49% of visits lead to sales of products or services.
  • 41% of mobile searches are for local businesses in the vicinity.

What we offer

  • Expert advice based on based on years of experience and proven track record.
  • Budget conscience application
  • Result driven solutions
  • Automatic multilingual support for all our services
  • Guidance and consultation throughout the complete process

All you need to do is contact us, and allow us to show you what we can do for you and your business. We create mobile presence and online business reality for any size company and (nearly) any budget.

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