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QR4 Frequently Asked Questions

>Where can I purchase commercial high quality QR codes?

Sign up and register at QR4 (see the logon tab), you have several options to purchase credits and can use these to create advanced proffesional commercial QR codes.

>Where can I purchase custom designer QR codes?

To create your own designer and custom QR codes, pop over the 'Custom QR Code Shop'. Ch'ing-Wa Sheng will show you how to make qr codes in seven east steps.

How do I register at QR4 to enable the advanced features?

Instructions on how and where to register are given on the 'How to register' instruction page.

Do you store all the QR codes made on this site?

No, not all the generated QR codes are saved. Codes marked 'for public use' are monitored for outstanding or exceptional use and may be published in our 'hall of fame'.
All QR codes generated using the free services on this site remain available for 1 hour after creation. After this they are removed and no longer available.

I made a QR code, used it on my website and now it's gone

Do not 'hotlink' to the QR code images you create, but rather download them to your own computer and use them from there.

May I use the OR codes generated on this site for commercial purposes?

No. We strongly discourage it. The generators on this site are for testing the possibilities of QR codes. Besides the quality of the images generated via the free services although superior to many other online generators are just not the quality you should have for professional printing and publishing.
Any attempts to use these generators for direct commercial profit is forbidden, any parties found selling these services wihout prior concent will be prosecuted.
We give no direct nor implied guarantee of any nature nor offer any support on any QR codes generated using the free generation services on this site.

May I use the QR codes for personal use?

Yes, you are free to use the QR codes as you please as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Non-profit and charity organizations are free to use the generated QR codes as they please.

Why does my uploaded file not work?

We accept two types of files for two different types of services.
  • Bitmap files for graphics elements and QR code branding.
    1. Make sure your file is a bitmap (.jpg .png. .bmp)
    2. Make sure you have no punctuation or non-ASCII characters in the file name. Avoid characters like ? @ % & ~ | `\ /.
  • Excel data files for batch processing and name badge creation.
    1. Make sure the file is a valid Excel file and not a CVS delimited text file.
    2. The demo data needs are strict. Download the same data files as template for you to put your data in. If you fail to follow the strict data structure, the file will not be used.

I am trying to decode a QR code from an Internet URL and it shows an error, why?

Make sure your URL reference is valid, like '' and not some html code like, <img src="qr-code.jpg" />. Also ensure the image contains a clear picture of a QR code. Our decoder acts as a smartphone, so a small QR code at the bottom of a letter type image, will not decode. The QR code image must fill at least 50% of the image surface!
Examples of QR codes that will not decode.
Reason: Out of focus, bad colour combination and no 'quiet zone' arround the QR code. This is just to wrong in to many ways. Reason: QR code image area below 50% of image surface.
Bad QR Code Bad QR Code

Are your QR codes compatible with all QR code readers and scanners?

Yes, all the QR4 QR code generators content contructors adhere to the norms and (ISO) standards for the purposes they have been assigned to.
If you are having problems scanning QR codes and downloaded the first best QR code scanner application you found. We recommend you scan the Internet to see what readers are recommended for your mobile device. Unfortunately there are many poor quality scanner applications on offer that do not support all the capabilites of QR codes. Else try installing more than one and choosing the reader that suits you best.

I created a QR code on the site and it cannot be scanned, how is this possible?

Yes, most generators allow you to choose many parameters that have influence on the readability of a QR code. As example: if you make the foreground colour and the background colour black, no QR code scanner will ever be able to read this code. So first try and understand if what you want to do is acceptable and adhere to the golden rule: TEST, TEST, TEST, before you implement your QR codes.

My QR code is perfect yet it does not work with all phones or QR code readers, how is this possible?

Simply said: Do your homework on QR code readers for your mobile device or smartphone first. DO NOT just install the first best QR code reader you find in the app store. Of the hundreds and hundreds of (free) QR code scanner applications available, not more than 10% are suitable in dealing with the diverse content types QR codes can contain. It is not the QR code at fault, but the inability or incompatibility of the application on the mobile device.

What do you recommend and a good QR Code scanner application for mobile phones.

In short, we do not do give out any recommendations. The reason is the fact that many of these apps are updated regularly, meaning that scanners can be updated and the service improved. Unfortunately we have seen the opposite happen as well. It is therefore impossible to give a good and lasting recommendation for mobile QR Code scanner applications.

Can I place a contact image in vcard QR code?

Yes and No You cannot put a contact image into a static or direct QR code, the reason is that the image data is much to big to fit into a normal size QR code. To have this feature available you can use a QR code to link to vcard file (with contact image) via a URL on the Internet. NOTE: this does not work for iPhones (ask Steve Jobs why!), here you need to email it to the phone.

What is the valid 'key' for the Desktop QR Code Scanner application?

The key for 2014 is /VGKl4TNWCS1lKrPvwVOGa6ne/m/ROlv Open the 'settings.xml' file in notepad and replace the activation key.

Yes, we sell QR code generator software. We sell QR code libraries and develop custom commercial / industrial QR code applications.

For more information about our commercial QR code software modules and services, see 'QR4 QR Code Software'.

Yes, we can program standard and custom QR code generation applications.

For more information about how we develop QR code applications, please contact us.

Yes, we adapt and create new mobile friendly websites, depending on your requirements.

There are various ways to adapt existing non-mobile friendly websites to ensure mobile user satisfaction. We use diversion or redirection as well as adaptive technology if feasable on exisiting sites.
QR4 also creates device independent web environments, mobile specific websites and platform dependent native apps.

Yes, QR4 offers a variety of mobile device browser emulators

Becuase mobile users take less than a second to determine whether or not they will do business with you, first impressions of mobile websites is very important.
To see what your web pages look like on mobile devices, use the QR4 mobile emulators:

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