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QR4 Services - Dynamic Changable QR Codes

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Dynamic QR Code Service

Dynamic QR Codes for marketing and advertising agencies

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As the use of QR codes continues to grow, more and more advertising, marketing and design agencies are being asked more often by their clients about the supply and use of QR codes.
QR4 has created a package deal that is ideal for agencies to have ready to activate and use QR codes 'right off the shelf'.

QR Code Bundles

Dynamic QR Code Bundles

QR code bundles are ready to use dynamic QR codes. All that is needed is to activate them with a mobile or smart-phone and they become immediately usable and trackable.

How do Dynamic QR Code Bundles work

All the QR codes in the bundle are dormant unactivated QR codes, the first person to scan it with a qr code scanner and register with his/her email address becomes the owner and manager of the QR code.

There are two ways to implement Dynamic QR code bundle codes:

  • Activation before use: Here you activate the QR using a central email address before using it in the real-world.

    Direct Managed Dynamic QR codes
  • Activation by recipient: Domant codes are put on products and are activated and become ownership of the first scan that registers the QR code.

    Indirect Managed Dynamic QR codes

The first is of use if you want to issue several QR codes and centrally determine there contants and actions. The second is usefull to create highly personalized products where the end consumer activates the QR code and becomes owner and manager of the contents and its actions.

QR Code Bundle Pricing

Dynamic QR Code Type
10 code bundle
50 code bundle
100 code bundle
vCard+ *
€ 553 (save 15%)
€ 2600 (save 20%)
€ 4550 (Save 30%)
URL+ **
€ 553 (save 15%)
€ 2600 (save 20%)
€ 4550 (Save 30%)
Mobile Landing Page ***
€ 553 (save 15%)
€ 2600 (save 20%)
€ 4550 (Save 30%)
Company Profile Page ****
€ 553 (save 15%)
€ 2600 (save 20%)
€ 4550 (Save 30%)

NOTE: All dynamic QR codes are valid for 12 months from date of activation. After the expiry date a charge of one euro per month to continue the service applies. Users will be informed when their subscription is about to expire with the option to continue the service.

  • * The vCard+ is a virtual business card with the ability to have a profile photo, place direct calls, navigate to websites and connect directly to your social media profiles and add your contact information into the contact list on the mobile phone.
  • ** URL+ is a URL redirector service allowing the QR code to send scanners of the code to any URL available on the Internet. This information may be changed as and when required.
  • *** MLP the mobile landing page is a mobile friendly webpage that contains information about you or your company, contact details, navigation facitilies, openen hours and more.
  • **** CPP a company profile page is similar to the vCard+ but oriented towards companies and not individuals. Ideal for use with QR code company clothing.
In all the above QR code type it is possible to get insight into scan statistics and mutate the information 24/7 as long as the subscriptions are valid.

QR Code solutions for marketing and advertising agencies

These bundles are ideal to be able to serve you clients with 'off the shelf' ready to use dynamic QR codes without any delay. You can choose from four different bundle types depending on what your markets need.

Need more information, have questions about Dynamic QR code Bundles or want to order, then please contact us directly.

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