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Designer QR Code Service

Using online QR code services to create designer or custom QR codes can go a long way, but sometimes you just need a little help from a friend to give your special QR code that additional attractive look so you get the attention you deserve. With a money back guarantee*.

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QR Code Makeover

QR4 offers a 'QR code design service' that combines the diciplines of creative arts and QR code technology offering you a QR code makeover getting you the best results and a notch above the competition.

We offer professional graphical logo integration with the use of corporate or company colours where possible. Giving you a branded and unique custom QR code design.

What does a custom QR code design cost?
QR4 custom QR code designs start at 95 € **'per design' and after this, 'the sky is the limit' as per your additional requirements and at your command... Additional charges may apply but are always confirmed with, and must be approved by you, before additional customization actions are undertaken.

What do I get for 95 €?

It's what we need to be of best service to you, and what you can provide, to be able to do it for you for best price that counts!

  • A good quality logo, the best you can provide, preferably a drawing in vector format. Copies from Internet images are not really acceptable.
  • Your company or corporate colours, however a reference to a 'web page' it should match with colours too, is also acceptable.
  • Preferences. Do you want the QR code to remain scanable regardless of phone model, environment and scanner application used, or do you favour the 'visual' effect and better scan rates with modern smart-phones only.

Designer QR Code Examples

Before makeover

After makeover

Branded QR Code Before Makeover Branded QR Code After Makeover
QR Code Before Makeover QR Code After Makeover
Designer QR Code Before Makeover Designer QR Code After Makeover

The custom designer QR code service of QR4 will provide

  • A bitmap QR code using your colour requirements and logo or graphical design as best applied for your stated needs, for presentation in radiant display media.
  • A vector QR code using the same specifications as the bitmap but oriented for scalable printed collateral. The scalability will depend on the type and quality grapghics material you supply for us to work with.

What to do to order a custome design QR code

What we need from you is an email that includes the following information:

  1. The image or logo you want embedded in the QR code
  2. The type of QR code you require and what it must contain. (or send an image of an already existing QR code.
  3. The colours to use to create the QR code, a reference to a webpage for 'look and feel' information is also acceptable.
  4. Your scannability balance. 0 = I don't care if it scans as long as it looks good, and 10 = I want maximum scanability from as big an application and smart-phone type pool as possible.

We will reply with a clear no obligation price indication of it will cost to complete the task. Upon your acceptance we will undertake to create your unique custom QR code.

TIP: Did you know we can also create custom dynamic QR Codes!

QR4 designer QR code services, saving you time, saving you money and putting you first.

* The money back guarantee. Actually it cost nothing more than a little effort on your part. We will provide two creative functional QR code concepts, should both these not suit your needs then there is no expense to you and no cash out of pocket.

**'per design', is the creation of a unique custom QR code. Did you know that once we have made a custom QR code design that meets your requirements we are able to apply the same design to any other QR code you may need in future at a mere fraction of the initial expenses! contact us for details.

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