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Spam Blocklist

QR4 Public Spam Blocklist

QR4 Spam Blocklist

QR4 spam response

We take our and our clients information security and safety seriously. Using advanced automated monitoring systems we identify and counteract abuse on the Internet.

If you detect an IP address you believe should not be in this list. Please contact us about getting it removed.

We also provide a text version of the Spam Blocklist 2012 and Spam Blocklist 2013 for comparing and possible integration into your exisiting spam filter processes.

We openly share our confirmed spam source data with the public, security organizations and authorities to assist in combating Internet abuse of smtp, pop and imap protocols.

This is not the complete IP blacklist. For details on on attack vector target IP's and details on the the people and organizations behind them, you will need to contact us directly.

The list of blacklisted IP addresses below are confirmed sources active at any one time in the distribution of illicit email and should thus be blocked from ever being able to reach you email systems whatsoever.

QR4 is maintained by - Geleenhof 42, 5655 AH Eindhoven - Tel: +31 (0)6 130 33 743