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Personal Twitter Profile in a QR Code

Twitter Profile QR Code

Spread your Twitter presence offline in the real world, and anywhere else for that matter, with this physical mobile hyperlink to your Twitter social media profile in the form of a scanable QR code. It's fun There is also a video on how to use this QR code generatorQR Code Twitter Follow Me

It does not need Twitter passwords or any other of your private or personal information and can even put your public Twitter profile image into the QR code if you like.

The social media QR code image can be placed on blogs or website pages, printed on stickers or t-shirts and will lead mobile phone users to you and what you have to say on Twitter.

You can make your own personal "Twitter Me!" social media QR code, for use as you please, using the free 'Twitter Profile QR Code Generator', or the Twitter Follow Me Generator.


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