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Abandoned QR code attempts

Funny how social media and other channels of information appear to be 'in the know' and educating and broadcasting information about what is happening and what appears to be the latest truth. My parents taught me at an early age not to believe everything I read and to challenge and question what I didn't trust or beleive at face value.

The incomprehention and misunderstanding is only enhanced by headlines like:

QR Codes: Goodbye and Good Riddance, tweets on twitter like "QR codes a failure..told you so" and also "QR codes R.I.P.".

When it is only about Google stopping the use of QR codes for their 'Places" service. Why? Because it was not used, did not work and cost more than it delivered. Speculation is on NFC (Near Field Communication) for Google Places, which my Samsung already has, but I have yet to see any service make use of this feature today.

Another QR Code attempt dumped (or so it seems) so add this one to the list as well...

See: Monthly Archives = 2008 !? They did not bother to complete their web site and gave up completely leaving the site up and running in a pre 1990 mode, not even putting up a dreaded 'under construction' notice.

Lesson to be learned

QR codes the consumers will determine if they take the trouble to scan 2D codes or not, not marketing departments nor advertising agencies. You can dream up and implement the ultimate QR code driven solution, but if the consumers are not interested, it will fail, at your expence.

Anti QR code articles, as mentioen above, clearly indicate an irritantion factor concerning QR codes. This is probably caused by the poor and incorrect use and implementation of these 2D codes in public media. It is a clear warning that if done incrrectly it will not help you achive what your goal was, but exactly the opposite.


QR codes are like tools used by craftsmen who know how to use it well in their trade. Because this technology is open for use by anyone, it is also open for missuse and abuse. It is always advisable to first do research before using QR codes in public campaigns if their is no prior experience or knowledge of QR codes avaiable. Alternatively if speed to market and success are important, consult QR code specilists, it really is worth every penny at the end of the day. When wanting to use QR codes, ask yourself the following: Is it the right tool? Is it used for the right reason? Is it used at the right time? Is it the right place?


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