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Paper cannot animate, play music or show video.

QR codes used as mechanism can, and if you combine this with dynamic QR codes you get an interactive QR code service. Adding onto the success of the URL redirector and vCard+ services, QR4 has launched the 'Video Presentation' QR code.

QR4 Interactive QR Code Services and Solutions

Interactive QR Code service

This service will launch a video of your choice that you can change at anytime and after the video has played will send the viewer to a  landing page of your choice in a managed and measured enviroment.

This is an ideal way to make paper interactive via a QR code. Scanning it will play your video or presentation and then go to a 'call to action' or 'contact' landing page. Another nifty service for marketing and advertising agencies using value added, effective and efficient QR code services.

QR Code Video Presentation QR Code Video Presentation Landing Page

QR Code Video Service

Want to know more about how you can make your printed matter interactive, then please contact us so we can show you how easy it is to have a managed and measured video presentation with your own 'call to action' landing page.


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